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HBEC Yellow Pages

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The H.B.E.C. Yellow Pages
Your one-click guide to the region.

Concept and Original Version .


Links for New Members
Major Entertainment Links
Government Links
Military Links
Foreign Affairs Links
Forum Support Links

Links for new members:

Citizenship Application - Join to us as an official member = citizen to enjoy inside all benefits of HBEC's citizenship.

High Membership Application - Join the Regional Government to participate in the region's executive system. Propose, debate, and vote on laws.

Formal Senate Application - Join the Formal Senate to participate in the region's legislative system. Propose, debate, and vote on laws.

Maps - Let see yourself on the map! Enjoy the Role Play.!

HBEC's Top 200 List - See the top nations in the HBEC and how they fair in the days standings!

#HBEC IRC - Come chat with us on IRC!! This link will take you to a guide which will help with process.

NationStates Discussions - All NS discussions go here. Ask questions, get answers and participate in arguments!

 Real Life Discussions - The Bane of NS... Real life topics belong here.

Major Entertainment Links:

Off - Topic Category - Home to hundreds of playful topics.

Government Links:

Delegate's Office - Contact your regional Delegate in this forum. Oaths of office for government officials can also be found here.

WA Resolutions - Post your stance on the latest Resolution at Vote, or work out your latest draft in the Proposals forum.

High Council - Home of the region's both Executive and Legislative System. Posting rights may be limited to high members.

Election's Forum - Run for elected office here. Elections respect the Charter-Constitution's conditions.

Court of Justice - Settle disputes among nations here.

Military Links:

Sign-up for the Army! - Join the HBEC's Army, the region's standing Army. Once in you can also join the ISA: Intel and Security Agency.

Foreign Affairs Links:

Join the Diplomatic Corps - Become an Ambassador for our region.

Embassy & Diplomacy - Embassies and Consulates for all allied regions, as well as details for creating one.

Allied Partners & Embassies - The seat of allied partners and allied regions.

HBEC's Advertisements - First place to look if you're tired of something or for to be informed.

Forum Support Links:

Suggestion Box - Got an idea to improve the forum? Post it here.

Staff-Moderator Support - If there is an issue on forum to report it.


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