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Here are some rules that they follow a good military man:

DISCIPLINE. To overcome, a military follow their military group and comrades in each times even if good or hard.

HONOR. Walk the paths of honor. Fighter, never to be fools. Leave to others the ways of infamy. Than to win by infamy, better to ollow the road of honor.

TRUTH & TRUST. Do not believe in any kind of opinion, information or news about the ear whispered elegance of "good people". A military person does not believe in the another words than his comrades. If this word does not come, it means that everything is fine and quietly and he follows his way forward.

IF anyone want to entice you or buy you: spit into his eyes or simply refuse them. You are not for sale.

WHERE you are only three comrades, then live as brothers among yourselves: unity, unity and again unity. Sacrifice everything yourself treading under foot all desires and selfishness all of you for this union. This UNITY will bring us victory. Who is against our unity is against us.

Do not speak ill to comrades. Do not bet, do not gossip, and do not let whispers.

AVOID polemics. In any context. An experienced military officer knows what to do and not to respond to challenges.

CIVILIZED LANGUAGE. A military will keep a civilized language, even with his worst enemy. He is a dignified man with a backbone and act accordingly. If you see that someone is put on discord, ignore him and see your way.

NEGATIVE SPIRIT is a terrible disease, a disease of the military must beware. You should avoid criticism. Criticism form of eternal dissatisfaction. There are people that whatever you say and what you do, always dissatisfied and always have something to say. They (those dividers) hold back any constructive attempt any initiative and lead to war and divisions.

NO QUARRELS. There in the Army do not exist "I got mad and want to leave". If someone argues in quarrels with others, then he must be reconciled. In any case, it can not leave because of this, because you can not offend Army's Group (Legion/Navy), that on the fight for his people. Someone can leave the military group when he no longer believe, but not when they get angry.

UNITY. All our militants must agree on all matters related to our organization together. The worst path is disunity and misunderstanding. Even if otherwise the military group would go to hell in war also, to be united to defeat all hell and back, then would return victorious. All of one mind and one soul. And opponents will say: Let us put well with them, there are people in one piece, determined and united.

A military do not make electoral promises. A militant from us will say:
• Do not promise money, but we promise right.
• Do not promise you'll do something, but we promise to work, to fight for our country.
• Who wants to fight for justice and honor in the country, who wants to work for his homeland, who wants to sacrifice with us, come with us.

Military's elocution is for real facts. He is first and foremost a man of action, a man directly. Because we want to construct on real basis and true facts, not on lies.

FEELING OF DIGNITY: We're tired of the lack of human dignity. Crimes, bribery and embezzlement abolished the moral health of the nations. A true military of the Army will seek to abolish these habits and reinvent sense of human dignity. He would not give anybody anything, will not promise anybody anything, and when you do someone a favor, you will not expect to get something in exchange.

We are not here for medals, gold, ranks, etc. But for to create and maintain the human good and comradeship. All for one and one for all. Our ideal is to help the Confederacy how we can, because it is not just for us, but for all who want to be free and right. The benefits on are used in the interest of all comrades. Offices are tools for fulfilling the regional interest and the common interest together.

When a comrade needs help, then military members help him unconditionally. Do not mock or despise him. No one is born learned. We all commit mistakes.


Ministry of Defense.

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