Code of Honor

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Code of Honor

Post by Admin on Fri Aug 05, 2016 6:14 pm

Code of Honor

This is a proposal for developing a Code of Honor for military purposes and guides, but also for virtues, dignity, merit and high respect. Even if for military or "civilian" members with the laurels of victory. This Code is according to the Charter - Constitution.

In this manner, I propose few points and articles to be included in this Code of Judicial Practices. This Code should include articles and points from the Constitution.

Article 1 for Activities and puposes

1. Our military will be re-purposed to protect the people instead of proscribing them.
2. Never again will fear, greed, or alien threats force us from our rightful place, or from the sacred human desire for freedom.
3. Our ideal is to help the Confederacy how we can, because it is not just for us, but for all who want to be free and right.
4. ....

Article 2 for Military bodies
1. The Council of Defense have 3 major bodies of armies like Superior Council, Supreme Commandement and Public Commandement.
2. ....

Article 3 for Behavior
1. This behavior means the way in which one acts or conducts oneself, especially toward others.
2. To overcome, a military follow their military group and comrades in each times even if good or hard.
3. Walk the paths of honor.
4. A military do not make "electoral" promises.
5. When a comrade needs help, then military members help him unconditionally.
6. Avoid polemics in any context, because an experienced military officer knows what to do and not to respond to challenges.
7. If you see that someone is put on discord, ignore him and see your way.
8. A military will keep a civilized language, even with his worst enemy. He is a dignified man with a backbone and act accordingly.
9. If someone argues in quarrels with others, then he must be reconciled.
10. Someone can leave the military group when he no longer believe, but not when they get angry.
11. All like one mind and one soul. All for one and one for all.
12. Do not believe in any kind of opinion, information or news about the ear whispered elegance from other people than the same comrades.
13. Do not speak ill to comrades. Do not bet, do not gossip, and do not let whispers.
14. Do not let anyone to entice you or to buy you. Loiality and trust must be your guidance as a military.
. ...

Article ...

Of course, this Code should be simple, summary and guiding. Any / every proposals are expected here for discussions.
When it is ready, then this Code will be put under votes.

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