Code of Judicial Practices

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Code of Judicial Practices

Post by Admin on Fri Aug 05, 2016 4:44 pm

Code of Judicial Practices

This is a proposal for developing a Code of Judicial Practices. This Code must be according to the Charter - Constitution.

In this manner, I propose few points and articles to be included in this Code of Judicial Practices. This Code should include articles and points from the Constitution.

Article 1 for Judicial power
1. Judicial Power in the Confederacy, shall be vested in one Supreme Court.
2. The Court will be composed of one Chief Justice and two Associate Justices, alongside his Justice Officer.
3. The Supreme Court Judges shall be appointed by the Chancellor and approved by High Council, only from high member nations. They shall be the ones to interpret the constitution and declare whether laws are constitutional or unconstitutional.
4. They all are explicitly prohibited from having any ties to a political party.
5. In order for a citizen to become a Judge he/she must fit the following criteria:
a. They must be a citizen of at least two months.
b. They cannot have committed any crime in this region or in any allied region.
c. and they may not belong to any political party or side.
6. The Court of Justice debate and decide mostly on many general or common cases.
7. The Supreme Court of Justice will be responsible for the decision to eject/banject nations that are found to be highly guilty.

Article 2 for rights
1. any nation that is put on trial shall be innocent until proven guilty by the Supreme Court.
2. ....

Article 3 for Court Case Procedure
1. If a Judge is believed to be doing wrong any citizen may request a trial to have them removed. The High Council will decide to have the trial and then proceed from there.
2. If a nation member of the Confederacy can have committed any crime in this region or in any allied region that nation will be judged in a short time or immediately due to his/her evidence of bad / cruel actions.

Article ...

Of course, this Code should be simple, summary and guiding. Any / every proposals are expected here for discussions.
When it is ready, then this Code will be put under votes.

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