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Code of Conduct

Post by Admin on Fri Aug 05, 2016 3:41 pm

Code of Conduct

This is a proposal for developing a Code of Conduct & Ethics for all officials and members who take part in government, formal Senate, diplomacy and any other such responsibility like the action or manner of managing an activity or organization. This Code is according to the Charter - Constitution.

In this manner, I propose few points and articles to be included inside this Code of Conduct. Also, this Code should include some articles and points from the Constitution.

Article 1 for W.A. endorsements
1. Whenever you are endorsed by a nation, it could be respectful to endorse then back, but it is recommended that no more than 2/3 of total endorsements of certified WA Delegate.
2. If you are W.A. member, it is customary to endorse the WA Delegate who was elected with the consent of High Council.

Article 2 for posts
3. When you post something on the RMB (regional message board on the NS web-site), you are safe from suppression unless it falls into these categories:
a. Spam
b. Recruitment requests to other regions.
c. Advertisements which do not respect rules.
d. Breaks site rules
If you're post falls into those categories, you will be suppressed.
4. An Officer with communications authority, cannot suppress posts he simply doesn't like. Suppression is only ok if it falls into the above categories.
5. If and when you visit the forum, these rules apply there too.

Article ...

Of course, this Code of Conduct should be simple, summary and guiding. Any / every proposals are expected here for discussions.
When it is ready, then this Code will be put under votes.

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