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Post by Admin on Sun Jul 17, 2016 8:20 pm

Welcome & Orientation > Guide for Newcomers

Now what should I do? (A guide sort of things for newcomers)

We are glad to have you with us!

If you are reading this, you are probably new to this region. So you're new to The Holy Byzantine Eurasian Confederacy. Now you may be wondering "What can I do here? Where can I go? What should I do now?" Well, we do have this handy thread. It'll tell you where each of the different parts of the forums are, what they are for and what you can do there to get active in The Holy Byzantine Eurasian Confederacy (abbreviated as H.B.E.C.).

Are you looking to join a region where your voice can be heard? Then the H.B.E.C. might be the right place for you! We welcome all nationalities, creeds and political affiliations, regardless of race, language and religion, and we can have a fairly active community and an ever growing regional government, and whats more, a promise that the region will not be left vulnerable to raids.

We suggest bookmarking the HBEC Yellow Pages thread. It will guide you through the many important threads in the forum.
Additionally we recommend take some time to read the Charter - Constitution and legal codes or at least skim through it and keep the URL handy. You can find them at the top of the forum, under "RULES & LAWS".

So why should you join our region?
--We welcome any nation, new or old, and any ideologies you have too.
--Your thoughts, opinions and ideas will always be listened to.
--We're open to most forms of Nation States role-play. Anything you can think of within reason could be played out.
--We can have a large region map with a guaranteed place for all active members.
--We are all inclusive.
--Stability is one thing some are looking for in this game, and we can provide a stable region where you never need to worry about coming back to see the region destroyed.
--We are a universal and unique "region" which can offer multiple possibilities of activities, domains or ways, even if politic, economic, artistic, military and other things.
--Open & friendly community.
--All of our members matters, have rights and duties.
--As a member, you'd be able to influence the rules and regulations we decide on, participate on our forums, run for a Regional Office, and help our region to grow up better.
--It offers a democratic regional Senate that members can apply to join to lay out regional law and conduct regional treaties between each other.
--We as a region stand for Friendship, Respect, Freedom, Security, Peace, Justice, and Equality. "The right to free speech is a central tenet of our system of democracy". All these tenets are loved and appreciated in our region. We encourage everyone to get involved in our region, become a citizen and rise through the ranks of the region and, perhaps, one day become our leader.

So, if you want a place to hang while you solve your daily issues, or just want somewhere to chill while you learn the simulation game, or a place where you wish to contribute or ready to engage active in regional activities, Join inside the Holy Byzantine Eurasian Confederacy.

 The first thing you should do is to join inside the H.B.E.C. Region as a member. Please note, if you want to apply for the Regional Government - Assembly, you are also applying for what is basically an advanced citizenship like a high member. As a citizen, your rights are protected by the Charter - Constitution and the officials who have sworn to uphold it; a Regional Government Assembly member may also hold government positions, such as Delegate, Vice Delegate, Officer, Minister, Senator, a member of cabinet, justice, speaker etc. Presently all government positions require high membership. Our Charter - Constitution certifies that high membership can not be obtained by everyone, but only by those who are "chosen, elected or named based on safety trust, who are loyal, who are able to take part in the Regional Government or more, and who must ensure the safety of the Confederacy".

So, you will have a lot of opportunities to grow and become an influential player. We offer a lot of different activities for our members including but not limited to:

  • A democratic political system in which all can take part and contribute
  • A role-play community
  • Regular elections at fixed intervals (Senate, Justice, Councils and Offices)
  • Political and non political debates and discussions in our forum and regional message board.

If you are interested, you can sign up for high membership HERE. Alternatively if you would only like citizenship (officially recognized as member/citizen) you can apply for that HERE.

We highly recommend citizenship, which allows you to participate in our all-citizen legislature, where you can propose and vote on regional legislation, vote or run in regional elections, and have your voice heard in matters of regional government. Applying for citizenship also gives you the option to get involved in our civil service, where you can help coordinate community activities, serve as an ambassador to other regions, write for our official regional newspaper, help welcome and mentor new citizens, or get involved with World Assembly outreach, drafting, and campaigning.

After you have become a member or citizen, you can also join the HBEC Army and contribute to protecting our region while having fun and climbing the ranks. To apply for a military office's membership you can go HERE. The Minister of Defense is in charge of the HBEC Army, so if you have any questions feel free to ask them.

We have one of the best organized military in the game. All citizens are welcome to join the HBEC Army and Fleet, which will get you involved in this exciting aspect of NationStates right away! Military game-play is one of the most fun aspects of the game for many players, and in HBEC our military could be flexible and will give you a taste of everything military game-play has to offer. If you're involved in the HBEC Army, a Legion or a Navy, you can defend us or allied regions during times of war or upheaval, wage war against enemy regions, and invade or defend other regions for the glory of Holy Byzantine Eurasian Confederacy. Many players have made a name for themselves in NationStates through their participation in military game-play, and our well developed military system could be your chance to do that.

If a military office isn't your style (or it is and you just want to take on another job as well) you might want to join the Diplomatic Corps. The Diplomatic Corps consists of ambassadors from the Holy Byzantine Eurasian Confederacy that represent us throughout NS (NationStates); as an Ambassador you get to explore the NS world, meet many members of the game and uphold HBEC's reputation in other regions. Applications can be found here. The Minister of Foreign Affairs & Diplomacy is in charge of the Diplomatic Corps, so if you have any questions feel free to ask them.

We pioneer our independent and eminent diplomacy, promoting regional safety and a pragmatic attitude towards interregional affairs. We wish to have a professional Diplomatic Corps, representing our region in embassies across the world. You can start your own path towards becoming an international statesman by joining the Corps as a Diplomacy Officer or as an Ambassador.

Perhaps you are politically oriented and would like to get active in our government? Sorry, we aren't hiring for a new dictator if that's what you are after. However, we do have the Formal Senate where you can get involved inside Secondary Chamber, first of all, even if you are not high member, but just member officially as citizen. Inside the Formal Senate exist the Superior Chamber which could consist of an assembly with around 300 Senators chosen from high members only, and a Secondary Chamber where could join every citizen or member of our HBEC Region. This assembly means to be a free and a direct representative democracy (as "voice of the people"). Like in anything, it is best to work your way up and get experience before deciding to jump into a cabinet level position; we are always in need of good deputies who want to learn how each position works. By joining the Regional Assembly and participating in the debates and law making process, you can demonstrate your skills and commitment and work for a job. By getting involved, proving your worth, and running for office, before much longer you could become a Senator - or maybe even our WA Delegate or into a Ministerial Bureau!

While the Speaker of the Regional Government Assembly is not a cabinet level position, but it is still one of the most important part of the government. The Speaker position heads a part of the legislative body of the region in its day to day affairs and manages the membership of the Regional Government Assembly. In fact, the WA Delegate shall hold this position, but the Prime Minister or Secretary General would serve as the World Assembly Delegate and the Head Representative of the H.B.E.C. Region, because they are elected in the same manner.
If exist an alliance made with other regions or with once a region, then a Council of Alliance could be formed where the Speaker or the Delegate have the responsibility to inform, to sustain and to involve the High Council of the Confederacy in any of these affairs or tasks, and also he uphold, affirm, or confirm the justice or validity of decisions made by the High Council of the Holy Byzantine Eurasian Confederacy.

So, who are the high members and what difference is there?
In the NS world's history were many raiders and invaders, also some pirates with the purpose to dominate and to control by force everything and everyone. Because of a such reasons, our Confederacy's Assembly decides to form a Group of the Leader's High Members which act in the behalf of Region's Confederacy and to ensure that no one will suppress the freedom of our members. The High Members are chosen, elected or named based on safety trust, who are loyal, who are able to take part in the Regional Government or more, and who must ensure the safety of the Confederacy. They can be like the Secondary High Members of the High Council who has the same status as High Members in the Confederacy, except the right of admitting and removing full member countries but they have the right to be chosen in the position within the Headquarters. They work for the benefit of the Holy Byzantine Eurasian Confederacy and for its members (it means for us all and for our safety and benefits together). The High Members who are not involved inside the High Council's Offices and who can take part in the Regional Governance, they are chosen by the High Council to form together a Formal Senate which is done in accordance with rules of convention or etiquette, suitable for or constituting an official or important situation or occasion and having an importance by their opinion about or in the legislature processes with large importances like security.

Also you can become a high member and to join to our regional government only if you are loyal, meritous and active, with good intentions.

Role Play
Our community can have at the same a surprising role-play that prides itself on geopolitical strategy and out-of-character community. While the rivalries in-character may feel tense and the alliance blocs realistic, and while the domestic events of nations might seem interesting or dramatic, our key element is the relationships out-of-character and the friendships formed that allow these to happen. We take pride in our role-play and in the stories we told, and have been telling for the last decade plus. As a player coming back, we'd love to have somebody who knows the game a little bit and has enthusiasm to jump on in to an alternate realistic world and be part of our story. As soon as you arrive, you'll be guaranteed a place on our regional map and a part of our community. Our region is ambitious to have lots of active players that allows you to get involved as much or as little as you'd like and become a part of a vibrant, storied community in the process. If you like to Role-Play, we have a whole subforum dedicated to the subject with lots of RPs going on right now.

Also, we are specifically looking for knowledgeable players who have a lot to offer to whichever community you join.

World Assembly(page=un)
Joining the World Assembly is not compulsory, but we would recommend you to do so since it would help you to get more involved on international politics in NS. Once you have joined the World Assembly, do not forget to endorse our region's WA Delegate in order to help keep our region secure.

Charter - Constitution
As already said, The Holy Byzantine Eurasian Confederacy follows a democratic political system. That means we have a constitution which all of our members are expected to follow.
+ Click here to view our constitution.

Join our forum (Link to forum)
In order to get maximum benefits that you can enjoy as a member of this region. Also in our forum can enjoy any of our allied partners or any of our embassies. Once you have joined our forum you could apply for an apart group to be officially recognized in your elected office or as an official citizen and get more access inside our forum. Once an official citizen or officer you can apply for a spot in our map, take part in role-plays, take part in regional politics, propose changes that you wish to see in our region and much more! We have a forum with lots of activities and other things you can get involved with... but more on that in a bit.

Judicial Branch

You may also join the HBEC Bar Association, where you'll work as a lawyer and learn the ropes of the most advanced Judiciary in NationStates!

Have any questions?
Feel free to ask them all any time at our regional message board or forum. Also feel free seek help by telegramming any government official at the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communication of this region.

Perhaps you believe in the power of imagination and want to perform diplomatic relations, host a Conference, go to war, or perform Character Role Playing. It just so happens we do have a Role Playing Section where you can interact with the other members of the Holy Byzantine Eurasian Confederacy. It is over here! Also, the tacos are in the FAQ on Role Playing HERE.

Also, to find out about our chatroom of the H.B.E.C., you can go HERE.

We are a unique, universal and diverse region, with players of all nationalities, ages, races, genres, interests, careers... If variety is the proverbial spice of life, we have quite the flavorful blend here! They are free to choose any life path they desire and follow any morals they wish, providing that their beliefs are always in the interests of the human species as a whole. Followers of our beliefs forgo religious, geographical, and generational differences to work as one unit with many distinct parts, accepting that each part must be unique to function properly. Holy Byzantine Eurasian Confederacy is also a region of politics, with a similar state-of-the-art regional government that is intriguing and open to participation.

We operate solely for the benefit of the human species we have been entrusted to protect, and therefore make no demands of our citizens regarding personal worship, morality, or belief.

We encourage everyone to join our region, and to join our cause!

Now go, participate, get active and thank you for taking the time to join the forum!

Here's your chance to become something more in NationStates, a name other players will remember for years to come. If you have any questions, by all means, let me know.

We need capable members to take part in the regional government, because there is a simulation and also you have the opportunity to communicate with millions of real peoples. This is the only one universal region where peace, friendship and respect with all mankind is our wisest policy, for the benefit of the nature and humanity together, and for all those who want to live free and in peace despite of their beliefs or religions. You can not find another region like this anywhere, to be at the same time free, universal and "byzantine" and it need to continue to exist. You can post your writings and images free on the forum also as a simulation of alternative history because there are many like this and sometimes including a role play (if you want to be in it). Thank you for reading and for understanding.

Hoping to see you soon on the Regional Message Board and forum!

I hope that you consider the Holy Byzantine Eurasian Confederacy as your home and I wish you the best!

Best Regards !


We recommend also for newcomers to read :

  1. [UPDATED] NationStates Guide .
  2. BBcode guide .
  3. Guide to a Wiki-Style Factbook, Embassies, and Consulates


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