High Membership Application

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High Membership Application

Post by Admin on Fri Jul 29, 2016 5:21 pm

Please note, if you want to apply for the Regional Government - Assembly, you are also applying for what is basically an advanced citizenship like a high member. As a citizen, your rights are protected by the Charter - Constitution and the officials who have sworn to uphold it; a Regional Government Assembly member may also hold government positions, such as Delegate, Vice Delegate, Officer, Minister, Senator, a member of cabinet, justice, speaker etc. Presently all government positions require high membership.

Our Charter - Constitution certifies that high membership can not be obtained by everyone, but only by those who are "chosen, elected or named based on safety trust, who are loyal, who are able to take part in the Regional Government or more, and who must ensure the safety of the Confederacy".

To explain the High Membership Application, we sustain that this means to ensure the safety of all our members and certify your loyalty and eligibility.

Use this application if you are a permanent resident, and you want to apply for citizenship.

IMPORTANT NOTE : To qualify for this application you must accomplish the both citizenship and high membership criterias / requirements.

Fill in and post the following application:

1. Username: ____________________ ;

2. Nation: _____________________ (your nation who apply for high membership);

3. WA nation: ___________________ (if it is the same or not);

4. Do you agree to support our rules, principles and ideals? : Yes / No ;

5. Do you wish to use yet a second nation with yours? : Yes / No ;
> If yes, its name: ________________ ;

6. Ideology or beliefs: _________________ ;

7. Declaration:
I, user ____________ , with my nation(s) named as ___________________ , pledge loyalty to the Holy Byzantine Eurasian Confederacy, obedience to its Charter-Constitution and its primary laws, and responsible action as a member of its society.
I pledge to act in the behalf of Holy byzantine Eurasian Confederacy and to ensure that no one will suppress the freedom of our members and the safety of our Confederacy which means for us all and for our safety and benefits together.
I understand that if I break this oath I may permanently lose my privileges.
I pledge that I am loyal, meritous, with good intentions and I will not abuse by my power or privileges in this Confederacy and neither against this region.
In this manner, I apply for high membership in the Holy Byzantine Eurasian Confederacy.

Signed, ________________ (you/nation)

Most of the time, your application will be approved within a few days. When this happens, you will be placed in a usergroup named as High Member on this forum.

Do not forget when you have a change or more on / about your nation to help others to find you in the topic named as "citizenship & membership updates or changes".

Remember that we are not hiring for a new dictator if that's what you are after. We are here as a team. None outsider would have how to raid or to replace a high member of the Confederacy ever, because this high membership is the most secure and wisely chosen till now.

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