Citizenship Application

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Citizenship Application

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 25, 2016 10:11 pm

Welcome to the Holy Byzantine Eurasian Confederacy !

We highly recommend you apply for Citizenship. First, you should know that "citizenship application" is not necessary for you to be resident in our region, but the citizenship could allow you more rights and possibilities inside our H.B.E.C. region as example to participate officially in some civil offices or in the Formal Senate.

According to the article 4 of the Charter - Constitution of the Holy Byzantine Eurasian Confederacy, "Full Members are those who join to remain in our Region respecting our rules and for the benefit of this Confederacy. Full membership within the Confederacy can be obtained by free joining in Region or by unanimous vote of full member nations when the Region's joining is protected by a password, but with accepting of all the rules, principles and documents that Confederacy has adopted.".

To explain the Citizenship Application, we sustain that this proves your interests, loyalty and eligibility.

Use this application if you are a permanent resident, and you want to apply for citizenship.

To qualify you must:

  • have a nation in the Holy Byzantine Eurasian Confederacy;
  • have, since becoming a permanent resident, been physically present in our region for at least 2 days immediately before you apply;
  • intend to reside in the Holy Byzantine Eurasian Confederacy, to sustain or maybe to work for our H.B.E.C. region, outside, in or with, or to accompany certain family members employed in or with the H.B.E.C. Armed Forces, the (public) administration or the public services;
  • be able to communicate (speak and understand) in English especially, or hope you are able and know to use a translator for this;
  • be able to demonstrate, in English especially, knowledge about Holy Byzantine Eurasian Confederacy and the responsibilities and privileges of citizenship;
  • read (/know), respect and agree our Charter - Constitution;

IMPORTANT NOTE : If you have a criminal record or are facing criminal charges against our region, have been refused citizenship because of misrepresentation, or have had your citizenship revoked, you may not be eligible for citizenship. Anyway, you should try and maybe in few situations it is possible to forgive your past if you give to us a very good reason (like loyalty could be).

Fill in and post the following application:

Username: ____________________ ;

Nation: _____________________ (your nation who apply for H.B.E.C. citizenship);

WA nation: ___________________ (if you have);

Do you have more than a nation? : Yes / No (just informal);

Declaration: I, nation named as ___________________ (your nation's name), pledge loyalty to the Holy Byzantine Eurasian Confederacy, obedience to its laws, and responsible action as a member of its society. I pledge to respect other nations of the Holy Byzantine Eurasian Confederacy. I pledge that no nation under my control will wage war against the Holy Byzantine Eurasian Confederacy. I understand that if I break this oath I may permanently lose my higher privileges. In this manner, I apply for citizenship in the Holy Byzantine Eurasian Confederacy.

Most of the time, your application will be approved within a few days. When this happens, you will be placed in a usergroup named as Citizen on this forum.

Also, you should update your citizenship record as necessary when you have a change or more on / about your nation because it certify your existence and it help others to find you. You can search the topic named as "citizenship updates or changes".

When you want to renounce citizenship you should announce about this on the topic referred to that subject.

Please, try to keep all off-topic posts out of this topic.

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